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What is Club Management Software?

Club management software is also termed association management software and membership software. It offers useful features to help clubs and associations sell themselves better and improve the service provided to customers. Key features of this software include records management, promotion and marketing tools, scheduling, reporting, billing, and member reservations management. Show moreClub management software can be used to manage payments and customer data, class scheduling, events, and to automate marketing campaigns. This solution is widely used by parks, private educational institutions, sports clubs, campus recreation centers, and health and fitness clubs. Start by checking our leader Mindbody, and other recommended solutions in this category.Show less

How was this ranking made?

To come up with this list of best Club Management Software we have analyzed 179 different solutions currently available on the market, comparing their features, ease-of-use, customer support, available integrations and mobile support using our unique SmartScoreTM rating system. This ranking has been prepared by Louie Andre, our B2B expert responsible for the club management software category.

List of Top 12 Club Management Software

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1. Zen Planner

Our score: 9.5 User satisfaction: 99%

An all-in-one software app that enables you to optimize, grow, and nurture your fitness business. It offers the essential tools to streamline your operations, including integrated payment processing, scheduling, and membership management. Zen Planner also provides support for digital marketing and website creation.

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2. Rosy Salon Software

Our score: 8.7 User satisfaction: 96%

An easy-to-use salon and spa management solution that gives beauty industry businesses unmatched control over their operations. Using this solution ensures that you're running your business with the latest in salon software technology. If you're keen on boosting profitability, increasing productivity, or enhancing customer relationships, Rosy Salon Software is a great choice.

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3. Club Automation

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: 96%

An innovative club management software designed for SMEs in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. It offers a user-friendly solution packed with the needed features to easily manage club operations, from company resources to customers and staff. Aside from helping automate business processes, Club Automation also allows users to quickly access all customer data with just a few clicks.

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Our score: 9.1 User satisfaction: 100%

An online booking system accessible from mobile devices or desktop PCs for 24/7 bookings from anywhere. The platform's Class & Membership feature empowers businesses to have complete control over their booking activities. On top of its many innovative tools,'s POS tool can accept both cash and credit card payments.

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5. Mindbody

Our score: 9.6 User satisfaction: 93%

A business management solution for the health and wellness sector, which enables effective management of business and marketing operations. Accessible anytime, anywhere using any device, this platform allows customers to book from virtually anywhere whenever they need to. It also supports brand-based customization and can be integrated into any business website.

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6. Virtuagym

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 98%

An award-winning, cloud-based, all-in-one fitness solution for health clubs, personal coaches and trainers. It offers robust tools for membership management, client coaching, and more. This solution is suitable for businesses of any size and provides virtually all the tools needed to keep customers satisfied and to help businesses grow.

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7. TeamUp

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 95%

An appointment scheduling software designed for fitness classes and workshops. This solution is easy to set up and has a smart design that can be easily personalized to highlight your brand. It offers tools that facilitate better interactions with students, payment processing, and class schedule management, including reporting and analytics.

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8. Teamsnap

Our score: 9.0 User satisfaction: N/A

A smart club management tool that eases the management demands for support staff, coaches, and managers. Created by sports professionals for use by sports clubs, this solution enhances manager-player relationships by improving their communication and related transactions. Overall, Teamsnap is designed to ensure that everyone in a team is constantly on the same page.

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9. ClubExpress

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: 100%

A specialized club management platform for helping you get connected with your customers. This solution is designed to hasten and improve club operations through smart automation. It can be used by clubs of any size, whether for-profit or not-for-profit organizations.

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10. EZFacility

Our score: 8.9 User satisfaction: N/A

A web-based club management solution for scheduling classes and managing different facilities for training and exercise. This all-in-one platform doesn't only streamline daily activities but also offers many tools for improving entire facility management operations. What's more, startups and small businesses can afford it because of its affordable rates.

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11. Clubwise

Our score: 8.5 User satisfaction: N/A

Clubwise's management and finance capacity simplifies operations and allows you to expand your business range.

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12. Amilia

Our score: 8.5 User satisfaction: 99%

Client relationship management and online registration platform for clubs, federations and associations

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Club Management Software Guide

Table of contents

Get to know each product with free trial

Selecting the perfect club management tools for your needs can be difficult since there are numerous options to choose from. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared this definitive buyer’s guide, which gives you useful pointers and factors to consider as you go about your search for a suitable solution.

We highly recommend that you start your search for the best club management tools by taking advantage of the free trials or demos that best-in-class software providers offer. It allows you to have a first-hand experience of what a product is all about before you can make that commitment to buying one. Market studies show that 60% of those who went for a free trial first went for a paid plan later on. You want to be part of that 60% who understand what they are getting into.

You can visit the websites of leading club management solutions and check whether they provide a free trial or demo. According to research, the most common number of free trials that SaaS-buyers check is 3 to 4, so make sure you make your research diversified.

We recommend you start with the following market leaders: Zen Planner, Virtuagym,, Rosy Salon Software, and Mindbody. These platforms have high rankings in our club management software reviews, so you can make a general comparison to find the best among the lot.

Targeted Businesses

  • Gyms and health clubs – These entities–which total 60.9 billion in the U.S. alone–can use club management software platforms for online training lessons, creating workout plans, and to manage the health goals of their customers.
  • Sports clubs – Systems are designed for coaches, players, and games. Sports clubs use the software to register players online, schedule games and players, create rosters, and track equipment payment. Specific solutions are available for particular sports.
  • Educational institution clubs – Booster clubs and university alumni clubs use features such as online forums and mass emailing to handle member communications.
  • Country clubs – Many country clubs provide services such as golf courses and restaurants. They can use club management software tools to streamline their operations.

What are Examples of Club Management Software?

  • Zen Planner: Customizable member management solution for small businesses such as gyms, studios, and martial arts schools that is compatible with all popular devices. You can use this software to manage the daily operations of your fitness business from your mobile device.
  • Virtuagym: Offers personal workout plans, nutrition tracking, hundreds of 3D animated exercises, and group challenge. This app is utilized by more than six million users worldwide.
  • A smart online booking system used by a wide range of businesses for streamlining their customer booking and scheduling. Easy to use, it can be accessed from any location using any device.
  • Rosy Salon Software: A comprehensive cloud-based health and salon management solution packed with an extensive range of tools to allow increased efficiency. These include text and email communications, appointment scheduling, online client scheduling, etc.
  • Mindbody: A popular solution used by class- and appointment-based businesses. This system is being used by more than 35 million people and 58,000 companies around the world.

Types of Club Management Software

The following types of club management software programs basically offer the same features but have different names:  

  • Gym management software
  • Association management software
  • Membership management software

The number of members of health clubs, gyms, and other related organizations totals hundreds of millions worldwide. As of 2019,
the overall global fitness/mind-body market is valued at $4.5 trillion
, indicating the massive importance of club management solutions in these health-related human endeavors.

Key Features of Club Management Software

Our detailed comparisons reveal that top club management software tools offer the following main features:

  • Membership management: You can edit and save member records, look for members in the database, and upgrade or downgrade memberships as needed.
  • Branding: Best-in-class solutions allow clubs and gyms to customize the look and feel of the platform to better communicate their brand in every member touchpoint.
  • Staff timekeeping: Organizes the timesheets and work schedules of employees.
  • Scheduling: Enables employees to book and reschedule classes and appointments. Top systems allow members to share their schedules on social media networks.
  • Promotions and marketing: You can award benefits, gift cards, and discounts to members through loyalty programs. Plus, you can send social media notifications, automated emails, and text messages to all members.
  • Mobile apps: Like other SaaS solutions, club stakeholders with proper login credentials can perform virtually most or all software functions on any smartphone.
  • Social media: Club owners and members can communicate and make convenient transactions over social networks, including making reservations, facilitate payments, etc.
  • Reporting: You can generate useful reports on member details, monthly sales, inventory, business trends, etc.
  • Member forums: Your club’s members can use online communities to have discussions and share files with other users.
  • Reservations management: You can make member reservations (e.g., for spas and restaurants in health and country clubs). It is also possible to create a waiting list to deal with canceled appointments.
  • Member access: Members can use biometric or barcode scanning to check-in and out.
  • Payment processing: Your club can accept membership payments via credit cards, cash, direct debit, wire transfer, or online form.
  • Integration: With extensive support for integration, you can use these solutions with third-party apps.

Benefits of Club Management Software

Boosts revenue

You can use the software’s promotional features to reach out to more members and encourage existing members to use your facilities and services more extensively. By effectively enhancing the club member experience, club management apps have become an essential business tool that can provide your club’s revenue-generation activities the push they require.

Automates administrative work

75% of businesses say that technology-powered workflow automation will be key in the delivery of their products and services. This is why more and more clubs are using these technological tools to automate routine tasks such as data entry, which saves time and energy for your employees. As a result, club management can use the time to focus on productive campaigns and efforts.

Enhanced marketing productivity and cost-savings

Using technology to power marketing efforts helps businesses achieve a 12.2% decrease in marketing overhead costs and a 14.5% rise in sales productivity. Automate marketing processes enables companies to achieve enhanced marketing ROI and business growth.

Better data security

Losses due to cybercrime like data breaches are expected to reach as much as $2 trillion in 2019. Don’t let your club and your members become part of that statistic. Choose a club management solution with a proven record in data security. This will help you securely store confidential info such as personal and credit card details of members.

Access to Exclusive Data

As this type of software application mainly functions to handle member data, having an integrated tool to manage member identity and access is a must. Nowadays, clubs and associations are increasingly requiring the need to closely monitor member behavior to help them provide more personalized services and other things that interest members. This helps a lot in enhancing the membership model, which is key to increasing membership, reducing cost, and enhance retention.

Smooth integration with other business systems

Club management software can seamlessly integrate with the other business platforms that you use, which means there is no need to repeat data entry or redo any process. To do so, the solution must have extensive API capabilities so that it can readily connect with your favorite apps. With an integrated system, you can store all your data and information in a single solution. Likewise, you can generate useful reports on your club’s finances, performance, and other aspects.

Simplified membership attraction and retention

This type of software solution is designed to help clubs and other organizations streamline how they attract and retain members. With robust marketing and member management tools, club management solutions are crucial to keeping your membership healthy, with sustainable growth.

Direct quick feedback from members

Clubs should provide an easy, highly accessible way to allow members to share their thoughts with management. With an effective feedback mechanism, clubs can readily know if their membership services are doing well or not. Negative feedback is very helpful in determining which areas to improve.

Offers happy member experience

Your club’s members can use portals and online forums created by the software to share their experiences with other users. These opportunities can enhance their membership satisfaction, which can improve retention and loyalty. In fact, among small businesses, 85% of new business comes from word-of-mouth that online communities and social media facilitate.

Digital club transformation: More and more gyms and health clubs are increasingly deploying technology-based initiatives to enhance their membership management tasks. These include the expansion of their online revenue streams, offering more personalized services and access points, and the creation of useful, collaborative content.

Cloud software is popular: As cloud adoption grows further, cloud software is becoming ubiquitous. It offers a host of benefits, including access to data anytime, anywhere, affordable prices, and enhanced flexibility. You only need a reliable internet connection to use and benefit from a cloud-based club management software.

More convenient and flexible workout: Health clubs and gyms are now able to offer on-demand use of their facilities, thanks to the automated and real-time scheduling capability of club management solutions. The availability of personal trainers, coaches, nutrition advisers, etc. can easily be accessed by members, who can make reservations based on their preferred schedules.

Use of social media: Consumers are widely using social media networks to get reviews and feedback on products and services before they buy them. A survey found that 92% of health clubs and gyms use Facebook, while 75% use Twitter. You can use club management software to boost your brand on social media, publicize your facilities and services, and provide customer support on social networks. 

Chatbots penetrate the health and wellness space: Health clubs worldwide are now deploying conversational chatbots in their online sites and mobile apps. Aside from providing quick responses to text or voice inquiries, chatbots can facilitate check-in, bookings, and other member requirements.

Mobile apps have become necessary: The number of smartphone users worldwide is likely to reach 2.87 billion by 2020. Along with this growth is the increasing popularity of various health-related mobile tools like fitness apps. To help your club’s members, you can provide a mobile app that they can use to access information on personal workout plans, progress tracking, nutrition tracking, etc. The mobile app can enhance members’ user experience and offer you convenient options for scheduling classes, coaching users, client communication, etc.

Membership analytics is key to growth: Clubs are increasingly turning to the sophisticated reporting capabilities of club management platforms to better manage their activities and plans. Because clubs and other similar organizations are mainly focused on members’ statuses and their activities, the analytics features of these solutions offer numerous benefits. These include increased efficiency and time savings in tracking membership numbers and operational expenses.

Potential Issues

Club compliance: All health clubs and gyms are businesses that must comply with existing local and state laws. As most clubs make transactions online, owners must ensure that the club management that they deploy are compliant with international digital policies like GDPR, tax requirements, etc.

Employee training: These solutions can be challenging to use as club management software providers keep adding new features to make them more effective. Therefore, it is important to train your employees to use the system properly for maximum benefits. Likewise, employee retention has been a significant challenge for club owners. Thus, the capability to provide efficient onboarding for new employees should be a welcome additional feature for club management tools.

Effective application usage: You need to be clear about why you want to use club management software. If you know your goals and objectives, you can train your employees properly to use the platform effectively to enhance your club’s efficiency. To provide seamless user experience to your members, you can combine new physical tracking devices and software with your club management solution.

Keeping members engaged is a surefire way to improve member retention in your gym. Monthly newsletters, progress reports, class reminders—all these can go a long way in keeping members interested in your services. However, sending out those emails manually will take up a lot of your time; you may hardly have time for anything else.

Here’s where club management software comes in handy. These systems bring automation to gym management, making it possible to set up rules and triggers to automatically send emails to members. With the software providing email automation, you can focus on the more important aspects of running your gym.

In this article, we’ll list the 20 best club management software solutions that provide these benefits. We’ll also list the most important features of each software so you can easily decide if it’s a good fit for your business.

club management software

It’s a commonly known fact in marketing that it costs more to get new customers than it does to retain existing ones. The same holds for gym memberships. Studies say that, for the club industry, acquiring a new member costs nine times as much as retaining an old member. As a result, it’s even more important for gyms and health clubs to prioritize member retention over other marketing strategies.

employee onboarding benefit

There are many ways to improve gym membership retention, but one of the most effective means to do so is by maintaining regular interaction with your members. Club management software ensures that you can maintain this interaction even when members aren’t in the gym. If this is something you’re struggling with, we suggest choosing from this list of the top 20 club management software to find the right system for your business.

1. Zen Planner

Zen Planner dashboard

Zen Planner was created with input from fitness experts and entrepreneurs. It uniquely caters to gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios. The software offers plenty of functions for streamlining gym management, including automated billing, attendance tracking, and online scheduling. Through Zen Planner, you can also provide members with a mobile app where they can view class calendars and pay bills. Moreover, a dedicated staff app makes your employees more efficient. Through the staff app, gym employees can check members in and quickly view class capacity information.

Additionally, Zen Planner can support your marketing strategies. The software offers services to allow you to integrate calendars and forms into your website. You’ll also get features for managing directory listings, ad campaigns, and SEO campaigns for your gym. Plus, with Zen Planner, you can use an integrated storefront for selling merchandise and gym memberships.

Lastly, Zen Planner gives you accurate data behind your gym’s performance. You can use the software to create customized, exportable reports on membership rates, inactive members, and class attendance, among other metrics. The software makes report generation easy, even for multiple locations.

Key Features:

  • Automated billing alerts and integrated payment processing
  • Member app for self-service options
  • Staff app for time-in and member check-ins
  • Integrated storefront and digital marketing services
  • Customized reporting with automated alerts

2. Virtuagym

Virtuagym dashboard

Virtuagym is designed as a one-stop fitness software solution for fitness professionals and health clubs. The software is designed for convenience, with a cloud-based deployment that allows for hassle-free access to workout plans, nutrition programs, and other coaching modules. Features such as plan templating and on-the-go progress tracking also allow fitness coaches to be more efficient. Moreover, online class scheduling and a digital credit system make going to the gym more convenient for clients.

The software also makes gym management easier for owners, through invoicing software features, such as automated billing and payment processing. All you have to do is set preferences for billing cycles, and the system will automatically send invoices to your clients. Additionally, Virtuagym lets you set up your own personalized credit system, where members can pay in advance for classes.

Key Features:

  • Complete coaching through workout plans and nutrition programs
  • Fitness plan templates and on-the-go progress tracking
  • Online class scheduling and digital credit system
  • Automated billing and integrated payment processing
  • Integrated, optimized webshop

3. Rosy Salon Software

Rosy Salon Software dashboard

Catering to the beauty industry, Rosy Salon Software provides the latest technology to help owners of salons and spas maximize profitability. Through the software, salons and spas can offer online appointment scheduling and product reservations. Clients will be able to book appointments via a mobile app, the establishment’s website, or even Facebook. This greatly improves client satisfaction, which can improve retention.

Rosy Salon Software also offers Client Connect Premium Packages, which offer features for automated email marketing and mass SMS marketing. You’ll also be able to use client images and schedule text confirmations to further streamline communication between you and your customers. And since Rosy Salon Software is cloud-hosted, owners can check on their business wherever they are, even on mobile devices. Stylists can enjoy the same convenience for viewing their bookings and schedules as well.

Key features:

  • Online appointment scheduling and product reservations
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Cloud-hosted for easy access
  • Automated email marketing and SMS marketing
  • Inventory management and built-in POS system

4. Club Automation

Club Automation dashboard

Club Automation is a web-based club management system designed for small and medium-sized health clubs and gyms. The platform organizes member information, so contact details, membership information, and billing information are easy to access. Aside from improved organization, this feature makes it easier for you to spot upsell opportunities and build lists for email and SMS marketing. The software also automates SMS or email distributions for confirmations or reminders. In effect, gym owners can spend less time behind a computer and more time on the floor.

This platform also offers the benefits of POS systems through its Point of Sale suite. Through these POS features, gym members can easily make purchases and renew memberships anywhere in your facility. Each sale is tracked so you can keep an eye on inventory levels and generate accurate sales reports. To boost member engagement, the software lets you build a customized loyalty program. You can then identify repeat customers and issue rewards to encourage continued loyalty.

Key features:

  • Easier list-building for marketing
  • Automated SMS and email distributions
  • Point-of-Sale suite
  • Customized loyalty programs
  • Online class registration and payment

5. dashboard

With, businesses can benefit from more organized booking and scheduling processes. Through the software, business owners can set up a customized booking page with the company’s branding. This booking page can then be added to Facebook pages or even the company’s website. As a result, clients can conveniently book appointments. For added convenience, the platform can also process payments through popular payment gateways, such as Paypal, Skrill, and Dwolla.

Moreover, offers various plugins that gym owners can benefit from. Through the software’s Book Soon plugin, clients get alerts or reminders for rebooking if they miss their previous appointments. Another plugin syncs the software with Google Calendar to minimize double-bookings. Meanwhile, a built-in Class and Membership feature makes it easier for owners to create and schedule classes and attach intake forms to class schedules. The software offers many more plugins that will help business owners improve the client experience.

Key features:

  • Customized booking pages
  • Website and social media integration
  • Built-in payment processing
  • Rebooking alerts
  • Easy class creation

6. Mindbody

Mindbody dashboard

Designed for health and wellness companies, Mindbody brings automation to various business aspects, such as marketing, scheduling, and payment collection. The software offers plenty of marketing tools that can help gym owners get new memberships while retaining existing customers. You can display your services on the Mindbody app and get premium placement to attract sign-ups for your classes. Meanwhile, retention tools such as automated emails and texts and personalized campaigns ensure that you maintain regular interactions with your existing clients. Integrations with the best email marketing software, such as Constant Contact, make client retention even easier.

Mindbody also offers features to ease business management. The software helps you coordinate staff schedules and allows employees to make changes to their schedules whenever needed. You also maintain control over roles and responsibilities for each staff member to ensure security. For added convenience, Mindbody also tracks working hours and calculates pay, tips, and commissions for each staff member.

Key features:

  • Automated marketing tools
  • Premium placement on the Mindbody app
  • Personalized SMS and email campaigns
  • Convenient staff scheduling
  • Time tracking and payroll capabilities

7. TeamUp

TeamUp dashboard

TeamUp makes maintaining customer relationships easier for gyms and fitness studios. Through the software, clients can quickly book classes and pay for them. These advance payments go a long way in reducing no-shows for your classes. By directly logging into an app, clients can also make changes to their reservations. They can also sign up and pay for gym memberships, filling out forms that allow you to collect information. These self-service options eliminate the need to handle time-consuming phone calls or social media messages.

Moreover, the software lets you set various types of membership and membership details as you want. Set up free trials or paid trial weeks, provide discount codes, or restrict membership types as a one-time purchase – you can do all these through TeamUp. Plus, integrations with the best marketing software, ensure that you can quickly communicate this information to your new and existing clients.

Key features:

  • Advanced payments for reserved classes
  • Unlimited membership types
  • Integrations with thousands of applications
  • Free import services
  • iOS and Android compatibility

8. Teamsnap

Teamsnap dashboard

As a club management software, Teamsnap enables team organization and easier communication among sports teams. The software ensures that everyone is always on the same page by syncing emails and calendar information. Changes are automatically synced across calendars. Managers and coaches can also easily edit dates and generate a list or calendar with details of the team’s schedule. Whether for games, practices, or other events, such as meetings or fundraisers, the software organizes the team’s schedule to minimize attendance issues.

Additionally, the platform provides flexible messaging options, eliminating the need to use phone numbers and email addresses. Users can message each other within the software and create custom groups for easier updates. The Team Chat feature facilitates constant, instant team communication, allowing users to send not just messages but also images and videos.

Key features:

  • Automatic calendar syncing
  • List view or calendar view for schedules
  • Customized user groups
  • Team Chat feature
  • Android and iOS apps

9. ClubExpress

ClubExpress dashboard

ClubExpress automates time-consuming tasks and processes for all types of clubs and associations. The software offers a number of powerful features to streamline membership management, website maintenance, donor relations, and organizational communications. With a ClubExpress website, for instance, you get a complete member database for your club. This database comes with management tools so you can conveniently manage these records and generate reports as needed. You also get a separate database for non-members that your association regularly interacts with, such as donors, event registrants, and local government officials.

The platform also provides a website that you can customize with your club’s branding. Through this website, you can post announcements and content as well as FAQ sections or knowledgebases for club members. You can also sell club merchandise through an ecommerce storefront, along with additional features for online ordering and inventory tracking. Moreover, the software’s integrations with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks make it easier for you to keep track of transactions.

Key features:

  • Databases with database management tools
  • Customizable websites
  • ecommerce stores with inventory tracking and payment processing
  • Integrations with accounting software and social networks
  • Member login and membership content

10. EZFacility

EZFacility dashboard

EZFacility offers a wide range of capabilities that support sports facilities and fitness businesses. The software automates administrative tasks, such as scheduling for staff and resources, managing membership, and inventory tracking. Class schedules, clinic events, rentals, and facilities reservations can then be consolidated into a color-coded master schedule for easier tracking. Similarly, a self-service portal allows clients to view class schedules, make payments, and purchase memberships. By automating all these administrative tasks, owners can focus on more important, revenue-generating goals.

The software also comes with built-in capabilities for league management. Through the EZFacilityplatform, you can set up customized registration pages and use an automated scheduler for leagues and tournaments. Accept deposits from the registration page itself for simpler fee collection. Clients can also view real-time standings and scores through a public website.

Key Features:

  • Automated scheduling for resources and staff
  • Generation of color-coded, consolidated master schedules
  • Client self-service portal
  • Customizable registration pages with deposits
  • Integrated email marketing and SMS marketing tools

11. RhinoFit

RhinoFit dashboard

Designed for gyms, fitness centers, and sports facilities, RhinoFit comes with a rich set of features for membership management, marketing, and member communications. Through the software, you can easily set up various types of membership and track attendance. You can also set up and embed a master class calendar on your website so clients can easily reserve their spots for classes online. Moreover, the system sends automated reservation reminders and messages to staff and students through email and SMS.

To help owners manage their businesses more efficiently, RhinoFit also offers the ability to create customized reports. These reports not only track membership rates and attendance but also keep you updated on staff performance in terms of sales, classes, and commissions for your staff.

Key Features:

  • Embeddable class calendars
  • Automated reservation reminders for staff and students
  • Customized reporting
  • Attendance tracking and management
  • Automated payment processing

12. MainStreetSites

MainStreetSites dashboard

MainStreetSites provides an organized system for class management and online registration and payments. The platform is designed particularly for gyms, fitness studios, dance studios, and other establishments offering group classes or private lessons. The system automatically generates a schedule based on the information you enter about classes, class locations, and instructors. Furthermore, you can set pricing details, apply fees and discounts, and create coupons, if needed.

The software also has built-in tools for marketing and client communications. You can use the software to send full-color emails to client lists based on semester, class, or location. Moreover, MainStreetSites’ module automatically sends confirmation messages for registrations, makeup classes, and other events. Post class schedules on your Facebook page so your students can register for classes using social media.

Key Features:

  • Automated class schedules
  • Registration and enrollment tracking by semester
  • Flexible schemes for pricing and payment
  • Built-in email marketing tools
  • Facebook integration

13. DataTrak

DataTrak dashboard

DataTrak is a flexible club management software that can adapt to the specific needs of a fitness establishment. The platform minimizes the need for paper-based documents through its document management feature. The feature allows owners to store digital records of members and other membership documents. You can even email membership contracts to clients and have them sign these contracts digitally. This digitization allows you to save time and space on tracking and storing paper-based records.

The management of schedules and staff is also a key feature of DataTrak. The software makes it easy for gym owners to check the availability of their staff at any given moment, track work hours, and review timesheets. Class schedules and event locations can also be posted online on websites to keep members updated.

Key Features:

  • Paperless recordkeeping and management
  • Digital contracts and eSignatures
  • Timesheet review and time-tracking for staff
  • Class schedule and event management
  • Role-based user permissions

14. Spektrix

Spektrix dashboard

Developed by art experts, Spektrix supports marketing efforts and drive more effective fundraising for arts organizations, such as theater groups. The software helps boost online sales through features, such as fixed seat subscriptions and best available seating. Personalization tools and customized promotions further allow you to encourage customer loyalty, especially for frequent show attendees. Additionally, segmentation tools allow you to divide your audience into categories. You can then create personalized campaigns that are more likely to convert prospects into paying customers.

Spektrix also helps you discover relationships between loyal customers and other members of the audience. Through the platform, you’ll be able to identify audience members who are most likely to make donations to your organization. As a result, the data should prove valuable for crafting targeted marketing strategies.

Key Features:

  • Fixed seat subscriptions
  • Customized promotions and personalized rewards
  • Customer segmentation
  • Audience discovery and relationship mapping tools
  • Email marketing and social media integration

15. Jackrabbit Class

Jackrabbit Class dashboard

Jackrabbit Class is designed to help coaches manage the classes they offer. The platform provides an online registration portal that can be integrated into your website. This portal enables students and other interested individuals to enroll in courses online. For customers’ convenience, class lists and schedules are updated in real-time, so only available slots are displayed. Once classes are ongoing, the software provides users with tools to track the progress of students. Instructors get records of skills and achievements so they can provide more efficient guidance.

Additionally, the software has built-in communication tools. You can send text messages or emails right from the JackRabbit interface, so there’s no need to switch between multiple apps. These built-in communication capabilities likewise come in handy when there are sudden changes in class schedules and for reminding students about tuition payments.

Key Features:

  • Online registration portal for classes
  • Real-time updates for class schedules
  • Convenient progress tracking for students
  • Built-in tools for SMS and email
  • Multi-location class management

16. PushPress

PushPress dashboard

PushPress is a cloud-based membership management software designed specifically for the fitness industry. The platform uses the latest technology to automate routine administrative processes such as attendance tracking, billing, check-ins, and reservation management. The software also has a built-in POS feature that allows gym owners to sell merchandise, including apparel, supplements, and sports drinks. Gym members can even use a self-checkout mode for added shopping convenience.

One great feature of this club management software is its easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re a tech guru or a newbie, you can get the most out of PushPress’ features. Due to the system’s cloud-based hosting, you can easily access your gym’s data on any PC, Android, or iOS device. Also, integrations with a wide variety of third-party applications make the software ultimately more useful for your business.

Key Features:

  • Automated attendance tracking and check-ins
  • Built-in POS module with self-checkout
  • Integrations with an extensive selection of third-party apps
  • Simple, flexible membership plans
  • Easy-to-use interface

17. Wellyx

Wellyx dashboard

Wellyx offers comprehensive CRM software features for businesses in the fitness and wellness industry. These features include task automation, client and staff management, lead tracking, and payment processing. One of the strengths of this software lies in its ability to improve communication between owners, employees, and clients. The system uses push notifications and emails to remind customers of upcoming classes and other important information. Likewise, employees get notifications when a new appointment or service is booked.

Additionally, the software simplifies scheduling through an automated appointment scheduler. This scheduler organizes appointments by staff or time, reducing the risk of double-booking. Even if you put all your schedules into the system, you can rest assured that everything stays organized.

Key Features:

  • Automated push notifications and email reminders
  • Online bookings for classes
  • Timekeeping for staff
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Automated appointment scheduler

18. StudioYou

StudioYou dashboard

StudioYou aims to ease the burden of back-office tasks for owners of gyms and other fitness establishments. This is why the software offers tools that automate scheduling, client management, and membership management. Through the software, you can easily create scheduled and one-off events, while managing cancellations and waitlists for classes and events. You’ll also be able to track attendance to classes and appointments. Consequently, you can identify at-risk members and manage them accordingly to ensure continued loyalty to your gym.

Moreover, StudioYou makes it easier for you to get paid. The software comes with point-of-sale capabilities, so you can create discounts and sales for merchandise and memberships and collect payments. You’ll also be able to send out receipts. Plus, the system offers integrated payment processing and the ability to set up recurring payments.

Key Features:

  • Class scheduling with waitlist management
  • Built-in POS capabilities
  • Integrated payment processing with recurring payments
  • Activity-based, personalized emails for leads
  • Mobile-first online storefront

19. FitSW

FitSW dashboard

FitSW is designed to help maximize the profitability of fitness businesses. The software helps trainers create customized fitness plans for their clients, providing a library of almost a thousand exercise videos. Aside from these videos, the software also provides a module for nutrition and diet planning. FitSW also comes with built-in communication tools, so trainers and clients can easily keep in touch. These resources, along with graph-based progress tracking, support gym owners and trainers in helping their clients achieve their fitness goals.

Of course, the software also provides plenty of features to make gym management more convenient. Personal trainers can use their smartphones to manage clients’ fitness programs and class schedules and even handle payments. Likewise, you’ll be able to set up recurring appointments and manage other appointments from your phone. And since this software is cloud-based, it also lets you manage clients and trainers from any device.

Key Features:

  • Exercise library and meal plans
  • Trainer logins
  • Graph-based progress tracking with progress photos
  • Built-in messaging tools
  • Custom-branded app

20. Coacha

Coacha dashboard

Coacha comes with a powerful set of features designed to ease management for sports clubs and leagues. The software centralizes all team management and coaching functions into a single platform as well. This means you no longer have to use spreadsheets and sheets of paper to track athletes’ attendance and monitor their profiles. Once you upload athletes’ information to Coacha, you can easily view their profiles and update them as needed. The software also uses this information to generate reports on class popularity and attendance.

Aside from managing athlete profiles, the software helps you get paid on time. You can customize settings, so the software automatically sends payment requests to athletes. For added convenience, the software itself can process payments through built-in integration with Stripe. This direct payment method is more convenient for your athletes as well.

Key Features

  • Digitized athlete records and profiles
  • Attendance and class popularity reports
  • Automated payment requests
  • Direct payment processing
  • GDPR compliance

Choosing the Best Club Management Software

As you can see, many of the best club management software today share the same core features and functionalities. Choosing the best among the bunch may prove to be difficult. Some of these systems focus more on member management or athlete management, while others provide more CRM software benefits to ensure smooth customer relations.

One way to find out if a software is a good fit for your business is to go for the free trials. This way, you can find out for yourself if the software’s features match your business’ needs.

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Things to consider when you invest in a SaaS

The first and most important thing is to ensure the system is appropriate for your organization’s requirements. Do not worry about the delivery method and pricing model and concentrate on getting the appropriate software. Second, you should invest some time to do proper groundwork on the background of the provider and the functionality of the product. Otherwise, you may end up paying a high cost if the system proves to be a bad fit.

Another important thing is you should always browse the contract and understand the terms and conditions. SaaS contracts are known for clever phrasing, so be sure you know what you are getting into. Do not get chumped into an evergreen contract. Be clear about the renewal terms as well as the notice time needed to cancel the renewal.

You will be surprised to learn the gains you can earn by negotiating smartly. SaaS software is a competitive market and vendors will be willing to provide you a discount to earn your business and continue it. Make use of this chance to save some money.
Realize that the teaser rate is offered only for a short period. Learn about the total cost you need to pay after the initial discount ends. Also, calculate the long-term price to know what you are getting into.

Frequently asked questions about Club Management Software

What is the best club management software?

The best club management software is Zen Planner. Because it was designed by fitness experts as well as club managers and owners, you can be sure that its features and functionalities are tailored to address the unique needs of fitness clubs, gyms, and similar businesses. This ensures that the software addresses the particular needs of this type of business to drive growth and profits.

A comprehensive club management solution, Zen Planner is fully customizable and offers the right mix of basic and advanced features that will help you complete tasks more efficiently and in a timely manner. Aside from addressing your customers’ demands, it also helps you manage cumbersome tasks like staff attendance scheduling and monitoring. These ultimately provide you with more time to concentrate on more critical managerial responsibilities like forging deeper relationships with your club members, staff, and community. 

If you need a club management app that also helps in your digital marketing and lead generation needs, then Zen Planner is a good choice. This solution is packed with innovative features designed to enhance member experience at every branch you run. What’s more, you can be sure that you can readily ask for help from its reliable customer support, either by chat, email or phone.

What are the benefits of club management software?

Club management software is mainly designed to help owners and managers manage their establishments more effectively by streamlining, integrating and automating data and operations. The following are the key benefits of club management software:

Easy to use. It allows simple access to features and functions from a single dashboard.

Boosts revenue. You can use the software’s marketing and promotional features to reach out to more members and to encourage existing members to use your facilities and services more extensively.

Task automation. It can simplify and streamline major club processes and operations. 

Marketing tools. The app helps you perform marketing strategies and campaigns more efficiently and with measurable outcomes.

Simplified scheduling. It helps eliminate scheduling conflicts and double bookings. It also helps in staff scheduling to ensure all clients will be properly attended to.

Self-service check-in. A club management app allows members to check themselves in hassle-free.

Simplified retail process. It also helps club members to easily purchase memberships and other items online, which cuts the waiting time and lengthy procedures.

Skills tracking. This feature allows you to record the performance and development history of your club members.

Advanced workout tracking. This tool helps you to be on top of your members’ progress, helping you to analyze and plan custom programs for individual patrons.

In-depth reports. The feature keeps you updated with accurate KPIs and other important business indicators, including operational and financial data.

What are the features of club management software?

Not all club management software are created equal. Some are specific to a process, while others are robust and encompassing. However, they share these standard features:

Scheduling: Allows your employees to book and reschedule classes and appointments. Some apps allow club members to share their schedules via social media.

Payment processing: Enables your business to accept membership payments through various channels, such as via online payment gateways, wire transfer, direct debit, credit cards, and even cash.

Reservations management: Facilitates seamless member reservations, including the generation of a waiting list to allow other clients to take the place of those with cancelled appointments.

Staff timekeeping: Helps you to create and maintain an organized and efficient timesheets and work schedules of your staff.

Membership management: Allows you to edit and save member records, search for members in your system, and upgrade or downgrade memberships.

Member access: Checks in or out members using biometric or barcode scanning.

Promotions and marketing: Allows you to implement effective loyalty programs like discounts, gift cards, and other perks to reward your loyal clients. Most apps allow you to send SMS, automated emails, and social media notifications to message and thank them. 

Reporting: Provides you with reporting tools for insights on business trends, inventory, monthly sales, etc.

What is the easiest club management software to use?

The easiest apps should have streamlined design and functionality that remove the usual hassles to allow business owners, fitness trainers and coaches to have more time to focus on more important things like building customer relationships and marketing. On this note, these apps stand out: 

Virtuagym. This popular club management solution provides businesses and users to easily perform a number of features and functions, such as quick online signup, omni-channel online payments, and online coaching. Offers an online booking system that streamlines scheduling and booking procedures. It can be accessed from any device and from any location. This app also provides admins total control of the booking process, which allows them to offer professional service for all clients in real-time.

Mindbody. Clients can easily book their appointments using any device, while all transactions are stored in a single and easy-to-manage profile. Clubs can link their members’ schedule directly to their website and social media handles, which gets updated in real time. It can be accessed either using iOS or Android, which elevates user experience by a notch.

What is a good free club management software?

There are good club management platforms that are free yet useful for startups or small clubs. Here are three of them:

10to8. This popular, multi-awarded club management solution offers a “Free Forever Plan” for small businesses. This cost-free plan allows you to handle up to 100 appointments a month, two staff log-ins, SMS tool, and 24/7 online support.

RhinoFit. If your club manages 20 active members or less, then this solution is a good choice. RhinoFit is packed with numerous features that are customized for gym operations, from member management, payment processing, to operations supervision.

FitSW. This comprehensive, web-based application is designed to help clubs and other fitness businesses grow and leverage on their clients’ successes. It also has a robust mobile, OS-agnostic app. You can use it for free for up to two clients, which includes online scheduling, client progress tracking, and other features. This free plan is perfect for budding trainers.

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